Business True/ False Questions Set

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1. Managers must understand no plan is perfect, but should grow and change to meet new conditions.

( )

2. A desired future state that the individual or organization attempts to realize is a goal.( )

3. Goals specify today’s means; plans specify future ends.( )

4. Planning is the act of determining the organization goals and the means for achieving them.( )

5. Planning cannot tame a turbulent environment.( )

6. A plan tells “why” to achieve the goal.( )

7. The mission is the basis for the strategic level of goals and plans, which in turn shapes the tactical and operational level.( )

8. Defining operational goals and plans occurs in the execution phase of the organizational planning process.( )

9. Tactical goals and plans are the responsibility of front-line managers and supervisors.( )

10. Operational plans and goals are those that focus on the outcomes that major divisions and departments must achieve in order for the organization to reach its overall goals.( )

11. Tactical plans are designed to help execute the major strategic plans and to accomplish a specific part of the company’s strategy.( )

12. A broad definition of the organization’s values, aspiration and reason for being, along with a recognition of the scope and operations that distinguishes the organization refers to a Business Plan.( )

13. Goals and plans provide a sense of direction and focus on specific targets and direct employee efforts toward important outcomes.( )

14. Tactical goals are specific, measurable results expected from departments, work groups, and individuals within the organization.( )

15. Top managers make the broad strategic plan and identify specific tactical plans.( )

16. Operational planning specifies plans for department managers, supervisors, and individual employees.

17. Goals are typically stated in quantitative terms.( )

18. Providing innovative solutions to customer needs is a goal that would be placed in the internal business process category on a strategy map.( )

19. A visual representation of the key drivers of an organization’s success and shows how specific goals and plans in each area are linked is called a strategy map.( )

20. An organization’s mission describes its reason for existence.( )

21. Building good relationships with suppliers and partners would be considered internal business process goals.( )

22. Strategic plans and goals are those that focus on where the organization wants to be in the future and pertain to the organization as a whole.( )

23. Management by objectives, single-use plans, and standing plans are all management planning approaches.( )

24. Goals are most effective when they are specific, measurable, challenging and linked to rewards. ( )

25. Goals must be set for every aspect of employee behavior or organizational performance to be effective.

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