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For each case:

· Define the management problems that exist in the situation.

· Contexualise your scenario. The cases may not have enough information for you to formulate your argument. When necessary, you may add details such as location, number of employees, organisational structure, type of business, etc.

· Propose solutions for the problems that you identified.

· Discuss what is working, what is not working, and why. If something is not working in the organisation, provide alternatives. Also, please describe your risk hedge plan if your alternatives fail.

· You may use outside sources to support your argument. However, this is not a literature review assignment, so please do not include a lot of references.

Document must include:

· 2 pages per case

· Description of the case

· Identification of management issues

· Recommendations for addressing the issues

· Risk hedge plan

· Conclusion that summarises recommendations

· Logical structure, flow of ideas, error-free writing, professional writing style

· References


· Lin has been working in this organisation for 9 years and is a team leader. She feels that this is ‘her’ team and the way she has always done things is the right way. However, she and her colleague George do not get on at all. Lin feels that she is the expert. She believes George to be over-enthusiastic and slapdash and she fights any proposed changes by either energetically arguing against them or by reluctantly agreeing and then subtly undermining them. George, for his part, has no idea how to work with Lin and tries to either bully her or work round her—which only makes things worse. They no longer speak to each other unless it is absolutely necessary. The team does not function anymore. How would you change this situation if you were their manager?

· As a senior manager, you have considerable respect for the abilities of your 4 professional team leaders but are concerned that they see themselves and their teams as individual ‘silos’ of responsibility. You know that in the past, the 4 team leaders have competed for resources and recognition with each other and with other team leaders across the Client Services department. You have noticed they interact very little and they are not at all supportive of each other. You want them to realise that they should work together for the common good and not compete against each other, especially when it comes to resources. You want to create a cohesive and supportive management team consisting of yourself and the 4 team leaders. How would you make better team?

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