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Module 5: Organizing Adaptive Businesses

Imagine that you’ve just graduated and have been hired to be a manager
for a small startup company called Gear Unlimited. The company
supplies local sports teams with official jerseys and clothing. This
clothing is worn by the players and sold to the fans by the teams.
Gear Unlimited currently has 20 employees but is planning on expanding
to three other cities within the next two years.

The business is brand new and still in the process of making decisions
about how to organize. They’ve seen your educational background and
have asked your opinion on the topic. Specifically, ownership wants
you to pick an organizational structure that you suggest they use and
present that choice to them.

The assignment should be at least a page in length, make use of
Microsoft Power Point, and complete the following:

Components of the Presentation

A title slide.

At least 1 slide that summarizes your choice for the company.

•Choose from geographic, matrix, functional, or divisional
organizational structure.

At least 1 slide that explains the advantages of this structure.

At least 1 slide that explains the disadvantages of this structure.

At least 1–2 slides that explain why you think this is the best choice
and relates that choice to Gear Unlimited’s business.

You will need to be able to apply what you’ve learned about
organizational structures to this example company. There isn’t a wrong
answer here as long as you can justify your choices. Focus on applying
course concepts while including your personal opinion.

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