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Explain the rationale for your business plan Idea.

With the development of the tourism industry, people have also developed a variety of entertainment projects. Human beings instinctively have curiosity and thirst for knowledge about unknown things. Therefore, people have never stopped thinking about life entertainment and exploring the new world. They need to explore new things and try new entertainment activities to meet these curiosity and thirst for knowledge. In addition, just like the style of dressing, people will also receive the influence of social wind and fashion trends to pursue new things and new entertainment activities. It should be noted that when people have new experiences, it seems that the same experience is no longer as attractive as before. This is also true for today’s tourism and hotel industries. Therefore, new entertainment projects and new hotel types are the key to open new markets.

What is the mission and vision statement of your business plan?

The innovation idea of this paper is to combine the above two elements, provide new entertainment projects and new hotel types at the same time, and create a large- scale tourism resort with plot setting, which is mainly based on new travel and living experiences.

3. Briefly provide an initial idea of your business model in terms of:

(Guidance on the eLearning page under the business model canvas)

(1) Key Partners:Government and large conglomerate

(2) Key Activities:Entertainment and play experience, good accommodation experience, adventure adventure experience and natural scenery, etc.

(3) Key Resources:Funding, technical team, facilities and equipment, brand image, venue, publicity and distribution channels

(4) Value Proposition:The resort will be committed to providing tourists with an unprecedented experience of playing and living in a limited time, and meeting the people’s fantasies about more novel playing methods, more free leisure time, and more abundant life experiences.

(5) Customer Relationships:Establish a long-term and stable relationship with customers, push the latest information of the resort to customers in a timely manner, and use some preferential activities to maintain a good relationship with customers

(6) Channels:Online publicity, offline advertising, etc.

(7) Customer Segments:For the vast majority of social groups.

(8) Cost structure:Site costs, personnel salaries, equipment maintenance, equipment procurement, park development, project promotion, etc.

(9) Revenue Streams:Government support, park fees, park ancillary industries, catering and accommodation income, etc.

If you intend to collect primary data, please provide a detailed description of the study sample, covering selection, sample profile, recruitment and if appropriate, inclusion and exclusion criteria (customer analysis, experts in the industry). Refer to what would you like to find out with the data collection.

I plan to collect data from the following two aspects: conducting questionnaire surveys on customers of amusement parks and mid-to-high-end hotels to investigate their views and attitudes towards the integration of the two; in addition, interviewing experts to analyze and discuss business plans to see if the project is feasible , and discuss other considerations

5. Are payments or rewards/incentives going to be made to the participants?


If so, please give details below.

I will consider giving back to the participants in the form of coupons. In the future, they may get discounts when they want to enter the park.

6. If you intend to collect primary data, please indicate how you intend to address each of the following ethical considerations in your study. If you consider that they do not relate to your study please say so.

(Guidance to completing this section of the form is provided at the end of the document).

Consent:Participants will provide written consent to participate in the study

Deception:No deception will be used in this study, as all participants will be fully informed of the purpose and procedures of the study.

Debriefing:Following the study, participants will be debriefed to ensure they have a complete understanding of the study they participated in.

Withdrawal from the investigation:Participants have the right to withdraw from the study at any time without any negative consequences.

Confidentiality:Only the researcher and essential personnel will have access to the data, and appropriate steps will be taken to protect the data.We will ensure the anonymity of the research.

Protection of participants:Participants will not suffer any physical or psychological harm during the study. Any potential risks will be minimized and participants will be informed of these risks before agreeing to participate.

Observation research:If an observational study is conducted, participants will be informed about the observations and appropriate steps will be taken to protect their privacy.

Giving advice:The study is purely research-oriented and not intended to advise participants.

Research undertaken in public places: If the research is conducted in a public place, appropriate measures will be taken to protect the privacy of the participants and to ensure that the research does not disrupt the normal functioning of the public place.

Data protection:All collected data will be kept confidential and secure. Appropriate measures will be taken to protect data and ensure it is not misused or disclosed to unauthorized individuals or organizations.

Animal Rights:Protect all animals in the parks.

Environmental protection:Research strives to be eco-friendly and does not negatively impact the environment

7. Are there any further ethical implications arising from your proposed research? Yes  No 

If your answer was no, please explain why.

8. Have / do you intend to request ethical approval from any other body/organisation? Yes  No 

If ‘Yes’ – please give details

What resources will you require? (e.g. psychometric scales, IT equipment, specialised software, access to specialist facilities, such as microbiological containment laboratories).

Professional Software and Professionals(Lawyer,Government sectors,etc.)

What study materials will you use? (Please give full details here of validated scales, bespoke questionnaires, interview schedules, focus group schedules etc and attach all materials to the application)

Customised questionnaire. A questionnaire will be designed to collect data on customer needs and preferences, as well as their overall satisfaction with the products available in the market.

Customer survey. A sample of customers will be surveyed to gather data on their experiences and expectations.

Focus groups. Focus groups will be used to gather in-depth information about customers’ experiences, opinions and preferences.

In-depth interviews. In-depth interviews will be conducted with industry experts to gather insights on market, competitive and technology trends.

Observation. The observation mainly focuses on tourists’ attitudes towards immersive entertainment activities and large theme parks

Which of the following have you appende

 Focus group questions

d to this application?

 Psychometric scales

 Self-completion questionnaire

 Interview questions

 Other debriefing material

II  Covering letter for participants

 Information sheet about your research study

III  Informed consent forms for participants

 Other (please describe)


Advice on completing the ethical considerations aspects of a programme of research


Informed consent must be obtained for all participants before they take part in your project. The form should clearly state what they will be doing, drawing attention to anything they could conceivably object to subsequently. It should be in language that the person signing it will understand. It should also state that they can withdraw from the study at any time and the measures you are taking to ensure the confidentiality of data. If children are recruited from schools you will require the permission, depending on the school, of the head teacher, and of parents. Children over 14 years should also sign an individual consent form themselves. If conducting research on children you will normally also require Criminal Records Bureau clearance. You will need to check with the school if they require you to obtain one of these. It is usually necessary if working alone with children, however, some schools may request you have CRB clearance for any type of research you want to conduct within the school. Research to be carried out in any institution (prison, hospital, etc.) will require permission from the appropriate authority.

Covert or Deceptive Research

Research involving any form of deception can be particularly problematical, and you should provide a full explanation of why a covert or deceptive approach is necessary, why there are no acceptable alternative approaches not involving deception, and the scientific justification for deception.


Debriefing is a process of reflection once the research intervention is complete, for example at the end of an interview session. How will participants be debriefed (written or spoken feedback)? If they will not be debriefed, give reasons. Please attach the written debrief or transcript for the oral debrief. This can be particularly important if covert or deceptive research methods are used.

Withdrawal from investigation

Participants should be told explicitly that they are free to leave the study at any time without jeopardy. It is important that you clarify exactly how and when this will be explained to participants. Participants also have the right to withdraw their data in retrospect, after you have received it. You will need to clarify how they will do this and at what point they will not be able to withdraw (i.e. after the data has been analysed and disseminated).

Protection of participants

Are the participants at risk of physical, psychological or emotional harm greater than encountered ordinary life? If yes, describe the nature of the risk and steps taken to minimise it.

Observational research

If observational research is to be conducted without prior consent, please describe the situations in which observations will take place and say how local cultural values and privacy of individuals and/or institutions will be taken into account.

Giving advice

Students should not put themselves in a position of authority from which to provide advice and should in all cases refer participants to suitably qualified and appropriate professionals.

Research in public places

You should pay particular attention to the implications of research undertaken in public places. The impact on the social environment will be a key issue. You must observe the laws of obscenity and public decency. You should also have due regard to religious and cultural sensitivities.

Confidentiality/Data Protection

You must comply with the Data Protection Act and the University’s Good Scientific Practice This means:

· It is very important that the Participant Information Sheet includes information on what the research is for, who will conduct the research, how the personal information will be used, who will have access to the information and how long the information will be kept for. This is known as a ‘fair processing statement.’

· You must not do anything with the personal information you collect over and above that for which you have consent.

· You can only make audio or visual recordings of participants with their consent (this should be stated on the Participant Information sheet)

· Identifiable personal information should only be conveyed to others within the framework of the act and with the participant’s permission.

· You must store data securely. Consent forms and data should be stored separately and securely.

· You should only collect data that is relevant to the study being undertaken.

· Data may be kept indefinitely providing its sole use is for research purposes and meets the following conditions:

· The data is not being used to take decisions in respect of any living individual.

· The data is not being used in any which is, or is likely to, cause damage and/or distress to any living individual.

· You should always protect a participant’s anonymity unless they have given their permission to be identified (if they do so, this should be stated on the Informed Consent Form).

· All data should be returned to participants or destroyed if consent is not given after the fact, or if a participant withdraws.

Animal rights

Research which might involve the study of animals at the University is not likely to involve intrusive or invasive procedures. However, you should avoid animal suffering of any kind and should ensure that proper animal husbandry practices are followed. You should show respect for animals as fellow sentient beings.

Environmental protection

The negative impacts of your research on the natural environment and animal welfare, must be minimised and must be compliant to current legislation. Your research should appropriately weigh longer-term research benefit against short-term environmental harm needed to achieve research goals.

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