Business Law2

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Business Law2

Business Law2


Begin working on Reaction Paper II “Corporate Responsibility Programs”

1. Do an Internet search on “corporate responsibility programs.” Here are some sources to get started. Youare not restricted to these sources:

·″>100 Best Corporate Citizens 2008 (all links will open in new window)

·″ title=”CRO’s Top 10 Executive Training Programs in Corporate Responsibility 2008″>CRO’s Top 10 Executive Training Programs in Corporate Responsibility 2008

· .org/csr/” title=”sadasdsa”>As You Sow: Corporate Social Responsibility

·”>Starbucks: Corporate Social Responsibility

·”>The Coca-Cola Company: Protecting the Environment

·”>Merck: Corporate Responsibility

Note: To find more sources, use the Research Toolbox from your left menu bar.

2. Choose one company and be sure to include the following:

· Describe a corporate responsibility

· What the company thinks they gain by engaging in it?

· How the employees feel about the program?

· Do you think the company should be doing this program at all?

3. Write 2-3 page paper on one company. Remember that you are required to follow MLA formatting and are to use and cite both commonly accessed information (such as newspapers or websites) and scholarly resources or legal documents (such as references to state and federal laws, proposed legislation, and applicable federal or state regulations).

You must include in paper citations (if you use material from other sourcesand a Works Cited). See the grading criteria for detail. Submit your Reaction Paper II in Week 3.

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