Business finance – management busi710: foundations of applied

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Creating A Problem Statement Assignment Instructions


The foundation of any doctoral dissertation or project is a well-crafted problem statement. This exercise will allow you to develop and fine-tune a problem statement.


Identify a problem within the literature that needs further examination. Review the white paper on Effective Problem Statements and craft a problem statement for the path you desire to explore (Ph.D. or D.B.A.). THIS IS THE path  DBA: DOCTOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT) The white papers (PhD and DBA) are posted under the Learn section of this week’s module. Depending on the direction you head, these will look slightly different. Make sure to thoroughly substantiate the problem with scholarly research. Keep in mind that a problem statement should not exceed 250 words. Please state what degree program you are in on your cover page (PhD or DBA).

Academic Research Problem Statements (Ph.D.)

Academic research problem statements should begin exactly as follows: The problem to be addressed is… Academic Research Problems identify the gap in the literature that needs to be explored and is well supported by scholarly research. What hasn’t been studied that needs to be studied? 

Applied Research Problem Statements (D.B.A.) 

Applied research problem statements should begin with a general problem. The general problem to be addressed is (insert problem) resulting in (insert the consequences of the problem). Likewise in Applied Research, the specific problem is narrower in scope and labeled similarly: The specific problem to be addressed is (insert narrower version of the problem (i.e., specific industry, location, profession, etc.) resulting in (insert the consequences of the problem). Applied Research Problems include 3 components: A general problem sentence, 3 – 4 supporting sentences showing that the problem exists within the literature, and a specific problem sentence. 

Supporting Sentences

All problem statements should include supporting information to assist in explaining the problem and must contain at least three scholarly resources to substantiate the problem. Scholarly resources should be published within the last three to five years. 

Tips: Remember that all supporting sentences need to demonstrate that the problem exists within the literature. You should not solve the problem, or provide recommendations on how to solve the problem. Proper APA formatting should be used, including a title and reference page. 

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

Read: Keller & Alsdorf: Chapters 4 – 5

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