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Prior to beginning work on this assignment, watch the BUS622 Week SixLinks to an external site. video with Program Chair for BA of Operations and Analysis, Bill Davis.

With this final paper, you will complete the Global Marketing Plan Part 2 for your mentor company that you began working on in Week 2 of this course. When submitting this assignment, be sure to include the portions you completed during Week 2 through Week 5, and make any adjustments to the work using any recommendations from your instructor.

For this final paper, you are encouraged to upload your work to your ePortfolio in addition to Waypoint. You can learn more about Folio, the ePortfolio tool used by the University of Arizona Global Campus, by viewing the Folio Quick Start GuideLinks to an external site.. When you submit your assignment to Waypoint, you will paste the link to your Folio page as a comment in Waypoint so your instructor can access your ePortfolio. Refer to the Getting a Link to a Project in FolioLinks to an external site. resource for more details.

In your paper, address the following directives using the headings below:

Under an Executive Summary heading,

  • Summarize the rational of your plan.

Under an Environmental Analysis heading,

  • Analyze the environmental situation of your mentor company in the global arena based on economic, trade, social and cultural, political, legal, and regulatory factors.

Under a General Strategy heading,

  • Explain your segmentation, targeting, and positioning strategy for that line of product in the new region.
  • Discuss your market entry strategy including export selling and sourcing activities, if any.

For assistance with Level Headings, review the APA Style ElementsLinks to an external site. resource. Review the Writing an Executive SummaryLinks to an external site. resource for tips to help with your assignment.

Under a Specific Plans and Strategies heading,

  • Explain your competitive advantages strategies to compete against five industry forces.
  • Formulate the 4Ps:
    • product and brands
      • Hint: Refer to your Week 4 Product Branding discussion forum.
    • price
    • place
    • promotion with a special focus on digital media and integrated marketing communication (IMC)
      • Hint: Refer to your Week 5 Integrated Marketing Communications assignment.
  • Discuss the company’s CSR and social responsiveness strategies, particularly in the selected region.

The Global Marketing Plan Part 2 final paper

Please use Folio to upload your paper.

Carefully review the Grading RubricLinks to an external site. for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.

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