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PART 1:  How can you apply your knowledge of the concepts presented in this course to help you be a good supervisor?  200 words

PART 2:  you will design a plan to resolve a current workplace communication issue that you are facing now or one that you have faced in the past. If you are not currently in the workforce, apply this strategy to a professional organization you interact with on a regular basis, such as your child’s school or a local business. Create your responses as if you were employed with the organization. Include the following in your plan:

  • Identify the communication issue: Ethical? Technological? Cross-cultural communication? (half page).
  • Describe the workplace (type of business, number of employees, your job/title) and workplace issue (up to one page).
  • Explain three specific communication concepts from Units I–VI that would help you resolve the workplace issue (half page).
  • Apply the concepts to the workplace issue as you explain how the concepts are the solutions to this issue (at least two pages).
  • Offer a conclusion that analyzes how the workplace and its employees will benefit from resolving this workplace issue (one page).

Your plan should be at least four to five pages in length. APA Style will not be required for this assignment 

Video links: Interviewing- hiring the most qualified person for the position  

DOs and DONTs- 

Interview Thank you letter- 

Creating Successful Cover Letters, Resumes, and References- 

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