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Use LinkedIn or another source, such as InterNationsLinks to an external site. or an international association like Academy of International BusinessLinks to an external site., to find a resource partner for the New International Venture final paper in Week 6. (Please see instructions in Week 6 for information about the final paper). Find a person located in a home country where your business venture for the New International Venture final paper will be located. Introduce yourself to your research partner, explain your research paper, and obtain information from your resource partner on their home country, career or field of expertise, and education.

Briefly describe your final paper idea and share the background of your resource partner, as well as why you chose your partner. Include any vital information the resource partner has provided about the home country and/or industry thus far.

Your initial post should be 200 to 300 words. You should use at least two credible and recent sources in addition to the course textbook. Your post must be organized using APA Style headings as outlined in the APA Style ElementsLinks to an external site. resource.

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