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The Course Project provides an opportunity for students to conceive a project that adds value to a business or an organization through an innovative technology solution..

This is an individual project and it consists of four parts:

Part 1: An Innovation Idea – The proposal

1. Project Title

2. General description of the kind of business or organization that the project is intended for.

3. Description of problem/opportunity that your innovative idea will address.

4. Overview of the technology integration components

5. Product or solution scenario as exemplified by customer or end-user population it will serve.

Guidelines and Grading Rubrics

The proposal should give a high-level overview of the project. It should provide some general information about the business or organization the project is meant for, a description of the problem or opportunity that will be addressed solved with your innovative idea, and an overview of the technology that will be integrated in your solution. It should also provide a scenario that exemplifies the solution and customer or end-user population it will serve. You can do that by developing a scenario that illustrating your vision in a brief narrative. The goal is to help the reader envision your innovative solution.

The proposal should not exceed three double spaced, pages, using no larger than the Times New Roman, 12-point font. Documentation and Formatting: Headers should be centered, and references should be alphabetized.




Formatting, editing, organization and structure of the document.

Include a title page followed by an introduction. Address each of the required sections in separately labelled sections of the document.
The document should be free of any spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors.
Sentences and paragraphs should be clear and well organized, as should be the entire document. Reference are encouraged.


Brief description of the business or organization.

Provide business or organization background consisting of a brief history and how it operates.


Brief description of the problem or opportunity

Briefly describe the problem or opportunity that you will be providing an innovative technology solution for.
Explain how this problem or opportunity impacts or may impact the organization.


Overview of the technology integration components.

Provide a brief overview of the technology solution and explain how it fits the innovation needs of the organization.


Solution Scenario(s)

Illustrate your solution as exemplified by the customer or end-user population it will serve.




Due Monday July 31st by 8PM New York Time / 3 pages

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