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Part III of the Business Plan

Part III of the business plan is due in week 5. Together with this part, you must show to your instructor that you have implemented the necessary corrections based on the part I feedback.

Part III Requirements

1.  Marketing Strategy

a.  The marketing strategy should address how you will differentiate your company from competitors.

b.  Frame your marketing plan to show potential investors what factors will make your product or service more desirable than those offered by the competition.

c.  You should present information to show your plan is well-researched and includes reasonable assumptions.

d.  In addition, the work should illustrate that the proposed company is not entering a declining industry or market segment.

e.  Tables and figures must be introduced in the narrative.

f.  The marketing plan should include:

 i.  Analysis of the business opportunity

g.  Target market inclusive of potential customers and their location

h.  Location of your business

i.  Economic, demographic, and geographic factors which may influence the success of the proposed venture

2.  Organizational Success Strategies

a.  Present a 1-2 page summary of the vision of the company’s success.

b.  Show what strategies will be adopted to ensure the overall success.

c.  Identify and ethical dilemmas of your strategies and how it will impact corporate social responsibility.

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