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Practical Empowerment in Management

Our text introduced us to many famous leaders and theorists in the subject of management practices. Each was notable for the different studies and practices or methods they analyzed and professed.  In this course, I am going to help you develop some management tools and some philosophies, so that you can feel confident that your toolbox is full potential.

Fayol’s 14 Principles of Management is part of my toolbox.  I have had to use it in several circumstances when I was forced to take over a disorganized company or had to perform as interim management over a department badly needing change.  One of the first things I do in a crisis situation is to assess the circumstances.  I use Fayol’s as a starting block.  It is certainly not the only approach I use, but it has served me well.  I have literally gone through the 14 Principles and identified what I needed to address in the organization immediately.  Even if I don’t have an immediate plan for change management, using Fayol’s principles is a good place to start to stabilize a department or a mission-critical department.

Review the information on Fayol’s 14 Principles linked here.Links to an external site.


Research the 14 Principles listed at the link above.  Since the resource provided is an OER text, it may also have additional OER references for you to use in your research.  Pick a company or department in which you have worked.  Write a paper that appraises how the organization uses each of the 14 Principles.  If they are missing one, explain why they do not need it and, if they do need it, why they need to master that principle.  This is a concise paper, so try to keep it under 2 pages.  


If you ever find yourself in a situation that is hard to management or working under circumstances where you are responsible for cleaning up a situation that is already crashing and burning, you have a starting point for analysis by using Fayol’s Principles.  It may not be what you end up with for your final answer, but it will stabilize the situation and put you in the right direction.

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