Business finance – accounting pepsico financial performance

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Evaluate the financial performance of the Segments of a company.

Step 1. Choose a company (either your employer, if publicly traded; or the company listed below based on your last name: 

Last Name Begins with: A – C: Apple 

  D – G: Proctor & Gable 

 H – K: Johnson & Johnson

 L – P: PepsiCo

 R – U: Starbucks

 V – Z: Walt Disney

Step 2. Go to the company’s most recent 10K (either on the investor relations section of their website or the SEC Edgar search

Using the Segment Note (usually note 11) and Income Statement & Balance Sheet, provide an analysis of the company’s performance over the most recent years:

a. What is the growth rate in sales and operating income, in total and by segment?

b. What is the operating margin percentage, in total and by segment, for each period?

c. Based on your calculations in part 3, evaluate the performance of the company. Discuss the overall performance and segment performance (growth, profitability).

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