Business finance – accounting homework 2 file 1

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Open Module 2 Homework File 1 in SPSS.  The divorce.sav file contains vital variables associated with cognitive or interpersonal factors that assisted in recovery from divorce

  1. You plan on conducting an analysis using 30% of the 229 divorced individuals.  Create a new data file for 30% of the divorced population.  Have SPSS copy the selected cases as a new dataset.  Save and name the new data file HW2Rsh. Note: The new dataset will open in a different SPSS window. 
  2. Compute Pearson correlations between finance and ethnicity; finance and sex; finance and employment; and employment and income.  

  (a) Comment on those relationships     

  (b) Were there surprises in any of the relationships? 

  1. Create from the new dataset a variable called age group, divide the ages into three categories, and code as follows; 1 ≤ 30; 2 > 30 ≤ 45; and 3 > 45. Save the newly created database in a Word document. 

In a Word document, describe and analyze the results of any noticeable differences.  Incorporate a copy of your work in a Word document.  Provide an example of a research situation in which you would use a cluster sample. Submit the Word document file for this assignment.

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