Business Ethics

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Business Ethics

1. What was the focus of the Cadbury report?

a. Internal governance

b. Shareholder model

c. Stakeholder model

d. The triple botXXXXX XXXXXne

2. In a highly competitive environment, working on __________ targets, it can be easy to find justification for any act as being “in the company’s best interest.”

a. future

b. intermediate

c. long-term

d. short-term

3. The term globalization has applications in all of the following EXCEPT which one?

a. Legal environment

b. Economic environment

c. Political environment

d. Commercial environment

4. The study of how ethical theories are put into practice refers to:

a. applied ethics.

b. normative ethics.

c. descriptive ethics.

d. meta-ethics.

5. All of the following are key functions of an organization EXCEPT:

a. sales.

b. information systems.

c. marketing.

d. R&D.

6. The audience for the code of ethics would be:

a. investors.

b. stakeholders.

c. employees.

d. customers.

7. __________ whistle-blowing rarely see the light of media attention.

a. Governmental

b. Internal

c. Coercive

d. External

8. All of the following are stakeholders EXCEPT:

a. customers.

b. Federal government.

c. competitor.

d. community.

9. The __________ was hailed as one of the most important pieces of legislation governing the behavior of accounting firms and financial markets since the (SEC) legislation in the 1930s.

a. U.S. Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations

b. Ethics Resource Center

c. Sarbanes-Oxley Act

d. Foreign Corrupt Act

10. The first wave of technological advancement in the workplace came with the establishment of:

a. the Worldwide Web.

b. extranets.

c. call centers.

d. intranets.

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