Business Communication Multiple Choice Questions

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1)Starting in September, your company plans to increase the monthly fees it charges to its clients. You are drafting a letter to mail to your clients to inform them of this increase, and hopefully to persuade them to keep their business with you. In analyzing your audience you determine that.

a. the clients need to be made aware of the fees they currently pay
b. the clients need to know how your company will use the revenue from the fees
c. the clients don’t need any information until September since that is when the increase will go into effect.
d. the clients need to be told what the new fee structure is.

2) When conducting the audience analysis for a persuasive message, which of the following is one of the recommended questions to consider?
a. how should you organize the persuasive message?
b. what information does the audience need to know and why?
c. how should I design the format and delivery?
d. does the content ensure complete information?

3) Reviewing your message and considering feedback.
a. generally leads to less successful proposals
b. may lead you to reconsider the decisions concerning content, audience, and medium.
c. is part of composing, the second step of the ACE process
d. will be time-consuming and unnecessary

4) In most situations, the main idea of your message.
a. is best placed near the end of your communication
b. should never be stated at the beginning of your message
c. should be stated before the supporting details inmost communications
d. should always be included near the end of your message so as not to be overshadowed by the supporting details

5) which of the following key decisions is involved in composing?
a. what must be the purpose of the message?
b. which mode of communication must be used?
c. how can the content be revised effectively?
d. how can the format be designed for the best effect?

6) The final step of the ACE process, evaluating, includes.
a. drafting your message
b. analyzing your audience
c. selecting the best medium
d. considering feedback

7) Keeping your purpose and desired outcome in mind as you write your message is most likely to help you evaluate whether your content.
a. supports your goal
b. is formatted correctly
c. is using the appropriate font style
d. has any spelling errors.

8) You receive a flyer in the mail telling you about the new and improved cleaning power of Brite laundry detergent. Which of the following is most likely to be the purpose of this message?
a. document the scientific advanes in the manufacturing of laundry detergent
b. describe the technology that led to the new formula for Brite
c. congratulate brit’s research department on its achievements
d. persuade customers to buy brite

9) Which of the following statements is true about memos?
a. memos and emails are both typically sent only to internal audiences
b. memos are often longer than the recommended length for emails
c. unlke emails, memos should address multiple topics
d. like emails, memos should include complimentary closings and signatures

10) Which of the following statements about revising a written communication is true?
a. the first draft will never include incompete thoughs.
b. the first draft rarely contains awkward sentences
c. written communication provides the opportunity to revise your message as you are communicating it based on immediate feedback.
d. by the time you get to the end of your first draft you may have discovered new ideas about what to say.

11) The first draft of a message focuses on
a. analyzing your audience
b. getting your thoughts on paper
c. evaluating your word choices
d. perfecting your grammar

12) Simple, well-planned messages
a. don’t require a first draft
b. should have exactly one draft
c. benefit from at least two drafts
d. require at least five drafts

13) In which of the following cases is the direct organization method most appropriate?
a. asking your boss for an extension on an assignment
b. recommending a controversial change in departmental procedure to your boss.
c. requesting a day off during your company’s busy seson
d. sending a status report indicating that you are on schedule for an assignment.

14) Which would be the best way to persuade your boss to implement a flex-time schedule in your office?
a. provide research that shows that this arrangement is workable and often results in increased productivity
b. give the boss the names of the employees who would be interested in working a flex-time schedule
c. tell the boss how happy it would make you to have the flexibility to accommodate your personal interests
d. inform the boss about the many leisure activities that employees would be able to engage in if the flex-time schedule were impemented

15) Brief messages, such as emails or short presentations at meetings.
a. requre elaborate outlines
b. require the use of a tree chart in order to be outlined properly
c. do not benefit from the outlining process
d. might only need a few bullet points or questions as their

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