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Start each question on a new page with “Q#” bolded and centered at the top of the page. Each page of the document must include the name of the author and page number in the header or footer. Points will be docked for failure to comply with formatting requirements. Citations are required if you are quoting other sources. All non-authored content and materials need to be cited or referenced. Make sure that you cite sources for ideas and content that you have taken from other sources (i.e. online, print, video media, etc). Failure to do so could constitute plagiarism that is a serious offense in the School of Business Administration. If you are familiar with the APA format, please use APA. Otherwise, remain consistent with your text formatting and citation.

1. Writing. Please try to answer each question in fewer than 1,500 words. Proof and spell check your essays. Points will be lost if I cannot understand what you are trying to communicate.

• DO provide answers that go beyond personal opinions.

• DO NOT redefine terms already defined in the book.

• DO use bullet points and diagrams if they help you articulate your response.

2. Grading. The primary assessment for the midterm is your ability to manipulate and correctly explain key concepts presented in lectures and readings. You are expected to provide succinct and a “deep” level of analysis rather than simply providing book definitions and descriptions. Specifically, I am looking for you to demonstrate your understanding of the materials we have covered. Using technical terms and jargon we have learned will greatly enhance your score!

Please direct all additional questions to Q1-3 BELOW

How do the three categories of consumer decision-making processes (cognitive, habitual, and affective) relate to the Two-System model as described in the Kahneman article titled “A Perspective on Judgment and Choice: Mapping Bounded Rationality”? Describe how each of the decision-making processes potentially operate within the Two-System model and identify any implication that result from viewing decision making from the model described. Finally, where does bounded rationality fit into all this?

A culture is a society’s personality. If [choose one country from below] were a person, how would you describe its personality traits? Why? Make sure that you do not fall prey to cultural stereotypes! How is this personality reflected in the consumption pattern of people in this country (provide 2-3 examples)?

Saudi Arabia

Q3. [20 points] INKED?
The incidence of tattoos among Millennials and Gen X’ers in the US is so widespread it can be considered mainstream today according to Pew Research in 2010. At least 36% of Millennials and 40% of Gen X’ers have at least one tattoo and many have multiples. Research the history of tattoos and trace its rise from historical obscurity to mainstream using the concept of the Cultural Production System (CPS). When answering this question, it is important to think about the time scale of the original source of tattoos to modern times.

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