Business Assignment – A social entrepreneur is a leader or visionary

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A social entrepreneur is a leader or visionary who is driven to achieve social change. Social entrepreneurs provide creative solutions for society’s problems. They are committed to changing conditions in society for the better with their ideas. Social entrepreneurs are similar to business entrepreneurs because they must build a strong sustainable organization, increase sources of revenue, reduce expenses, and develop a team of loyal employees. Research social entrepreneurship and what it entails using your readings, the following Web sites:
? The Ashoka Web site:

? Public Broadcasting Service (PBS): The new heroes. (2005). What is social entrepreneurship. Retrieved from

? The Skoll Foundation Web site:

Respond to the following:
? What is a social entrepreneur?
? What are the risks for a social entrepreneur?
? What are the similarities and differences between social and business entrepreneurship?
? Can social entrepreneurship be successful in our capitalistic society? Why or why not?
? Provide an example of a social entrepreneur in your community. Why do you consider this person a social entrepreneur?

Give reasons in support.
Write a 2–3-page paper in Word format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources All papers should consist of a title page, body, and references.
I have included a sample APA paper under the Questions for the Instructor area for you to review.
APA Cheat Sheet
General Document Guidelines
?Margins should be one inch on all sides (top, bottom, left, right).

?Font Size and Type: The font must be 12-pt and the type should be Times New Roman
or Courier).

?Spacing must be double-spaced throughout the whole paper.

?Alignment should be left.

? Paragraphs must be indented 5-7 spaces on the first line.

?Paging: The page number must appear one inch from the right edge of the paper in the
header of every page, beginning with the title page.

?Page Header: An abbreviated version of the paper’s title must appear five spaces to the
left of the page number on every page, beginning with the title page.
Title Page

?Paging: The Title Page is page 1

?Elements: The title page should consist of the Paper Title, Author, Institution and Date,
centered on the page.
The body of the paper should consist of all of the general document guidelines above.
Any time you quote or reference someone else’s work, you need to reference where you
got the information. References should begin on a new page, the heading should be
centered, and references must be double spaced with a hanging indent.

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