Business Analysis 461 assignment 1

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Assignment 1

1. Create a table that documents the differences between plan-driven and change-driven approaches to business analysis. Include information about when it is appropriate to plan-driven vs. change-driven approaches.

2. Create a table that documents the differences between waterfall methodology and agile methodology.

3. Create a table that documents the differences between business process automation, business process improvement, and business process reengineering.

4. Think of a business process that you are familiar with. Describe the business process (1-2 paragraphs) and create a RACI Matrix for that process.

5. Assume that a college is planning on converting all its preparatory courses into online courses. Identify at least 10 stakeholders who will be involved in some way in this change process. Create a stakeholder matrix that classifies the stakeholders into one of the 4 quadrants.

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