BUS 325 Test 4 Chapter 14 to 16

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5 Questions at 3 points each

1. The job of the project manager is to:
a. Control all costs
b. Control costs directly controllable by the project organization
c. Control costs, schedule, and performance of the project
d. Keep within the budget, no matter what
2. Total slack is defined as:
a. The amount of time the project is idle
b. The amount of time that an activity duration can be increased without delaying th Key e start of the next activity
c. The amount of time that an activity duration can be increased without delaying project completion
d. The amount of time that workers will not have duties to perform
3. Multiple critical paths can exist under CPM because:
a. There is more than one way to complete the project
b. Many network paths exist, each with the same total time
c. Great flexibility of activity sequences is available
d. None of the above
4. Project management requires:
a. Scheduling, planning, and controlling
b. Quantitative skills
c. Behavioral skills
d All of the above
5. Which of the following statements is true about a critical path?
a. A critical path consists of activities for which early start time equals late start time
b. The activities along the critical path take the longest time
c. A critical path consists of activities for which early finish time equals late finish time
d. There is no slack in the activities along the critical path
f. All of the above

Essay questions 5 Questions at 8 points each Chapter 14 to 16
1. Assume you have received a project plan .for organizing your company annual banquet,. There will be three employee awards and one a political figure would be the key note speaker Using Fig. 14.1(attached) for guidance prepare the schedule.
2. Explain independent vs dependent demand and how it affects the planning process.

3. Briefly compare the continuous vs the periodic review system

4. Compare and explain the differences between MRP and the older order point system.

5. The following is a PERT chart.

Pert chart attached

Assuming all tasks are equal to 6 days, which is the longest path? ____

Assuming only A, B, and C are equal to 6 days other tasks equal 4 days, which are the respective lengths of the paths?

You decide to eliminate task D at a cost of $100, what would happen to the network timewise?

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