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Brainstorming Research Questions

This is an opportunity for you to brainstorm different research questions based on the topic you are interested in learning more about for this assignment. Complete the charts below by applying different
question lenses to your topic.

For example, if you were researching electric vehicle manufacturers you could ask the following questions:

· “Which One?” lens:
Which electric vehicle companies are considering the environmental impact of production of their vehicles?

· “How?” lens:
How are electric car manufacturers impacting traditional car makers?

Applying different question lenses will give you a variety of research question options to choose from in the next activity.

Your Topic:

Question Lenses

Which one?

frames your research as analyzing information to present an informed choice


helps you understand problems, weigh options, and propose solutions.

What if?

use the knowledge and information you have to dream big and consider new options on your topic


Frame your research as a scientific, moral, or practical decision based on evidence


Investigate relationships within your topic or causes of a complex issue

Thinking About Your Topic a Different Way

You can also think about your topic in terms of its history, structure, or context to help you brainstorm research questions. Use the spaces below to write questions that investigate these different aspects of your topic, referring back to the Research Question Development Lesson as needed.




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