book review over fortress america: gated communities in the us by

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1. Read Fortress America: Gated Communities in the US by Blakely and Snyder

2. After reading and making notes, comments, etc., as you go about doing your daily activities, ask yourself these questions:

• What was the author’s purpose in writing the book and who was the intended audience? What is/are the central point(s)/theme(s)? (2-4 paragraphs may be required for this depending on the complexity of the work).

3. Provide a brief overview or summary of the book. Limit your summary of the entire book to no more than 3 doubled-spaced typewritten pages.

4. Describe how the author develops theme(s); note the major substantive points and explain how they are developed. If possible, illustrate main points with examples from the book.

5. Did the author achieve the stated purpose? Why or Why not? Be sure to justify the position you take.

6. Describe the book’s strengths and weaknesses from your personal point of view.

7. From your point of view, how could the book be improved? State and explain you position Give examples (a paragraph or two).

8. How is community described in this book similar to and different from your community?

9. What have other reviewers said about this book? Use The Book Review Index in the DSU Library to identify sources where this book has been formally reviewed. Study these critiques. Include the comments of other reviewers in this section. Be sure to cite sources. Your report will be incomplete if you do not provide citations from other reviewers!

10. Would you recommend this book to other persons like yourself? Why or why not?

11. On the title page include the title and number of this course, your name, the date and the name of author, title of the book, publisher, place, and date of the book’s publication.

12. Your total written report should be from six to eight pages double spaced pages. Follow appropriate professional (APA) style.

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