Book Report on “The Interview” by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala sample essay

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The story entitled “the Interview” by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala is a depiction of a man’s character in the eyes of the people around him. Even if this story is in first person point of view, the narrator itself accepted and proclaimed the fact of being lazy and egoistic. The way he perceived his life is unpredictable in a sense of negativity because he could not able to appreciate things and could not live his life for the betterment of his own self and his wife.

“The last time I had an interview, it was very unpleasant for me. One of the people who was interviewing took a dislike to me and shouted at me very loudly” (Jhabvala 267). This part of the story showed that the narrator or the persona of the story finds different flaws and inaccuracy to the places and situation that he used to have in order to refuse and become unable to obtain the situation. It is a form of escape for the character from the different situations that occurs in him. Despite of having a notion of completeness and advantages, he still perceived that he is empty and unhappy to his situation but he did not accept the fact of his psychological problems that only him could understand and determine.

The ending of the story is simple a representation of laziness of the character but the author did not stated any transformation of the character’s point of view. It means that the character is full of anxieties and insecurities within him that he did not want to recognize because it will lead him into an uncertain situation that he himself would not eventually obtain. Therefore, the character is flat and static because he did not change all throughout the story that made him incapable of understanding his own self.


Jhabvala, R. P. The Interview. pp. 259-271

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