Biostatistics course. reporting a systematic review or meta-analysis.

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Instructions for final project:

Questions 1-27 in appendix 1 need to answered. The questions can be answered in like a table format. Questions on one side and answers on the other one or questions on top and answers below. 

Most of the answers are on the written report that start on page 4-15, in the different sections, but I’m including the research articles for additional reference.

Questions apply to the 4 articles in the literature review. (Badu et al., 2020), Hu et al. (2020), Dharra & Kumar, (2021), (Yao et al., 2018). So when you answer them, you can do it in a narrative style individually Like 

A. answer for article 1 

B. answer for article 2 

C. … 

D. …

Or just one answer that covers all of them if they have the same outcome/response.

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