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TITLE: Model for Prayer.



10|4|2023: For teaching Methods Class: At Grace Sanctuary Church.

SCRIPTURE: Matthew 6:9-15

TOPIC: How to use the Lord’s Prayer as a model.

CONTEXT (of Teaching Venue)

The teaching venue (classroom) is brightly lit and well-organized. The classroom is adorned with age-appropriate educational materials designed to engage learners and promote collaboration. In addition, the room is equipped with modern teaching aids, including a smartboard and individual workstations, offering a dynamic and interactive learning experience for students.

LEARNING GOAL: To understand how the Lord’s Prayer is a model for effective prayer and apply its principles in our lives.



· Identify critical components of the Lord’s Prayer.

· Analyze the meaning and significance of each component.


· Develop a more profound reverence for prayer to communicate with God.

· Cultivate a sense of humility and dependence on God in prayer.


· Practice incorporating elements of the Lord’s Prayer into personal prayers.

· Share personal reflections on how the Lord’s Prayer has impacted their prayer life.



(Begin with a brief personal anecdote about the power of prayer in your life).

“Good morning, everyone; before we dive into our lesson today, I want to share your personal experience. Some years back, I found myself overwhelmed with a challenging situation. However, through prayer, I found the clarity and strength to navigate that difficult time. The moment taught me the incredible power of prayer in our daily lives, and I am excited to explore this with you today.

Transition: Now, let us delve into the scripture to understand how Jesus taught us to pray.

BOOK Include Methodology AND Content to be Covered

Read and dissect Matthew 6: 9-15 together, highlighting key phrases and their meanings.

“Let us turn to Matthew 6:9-15 together. Pay close attention to the words and phrases Jesus used in this prayer as we read. Note that each carries a significant meaning.”

Discuss the cultural and historical context of this prayer.

“Let us examine the context in which these words were spoken. Understanding the cultural and historical background helps in grasping the in-depth of His teachings. For example, the phrase ‘Our Father’ invites us to maintain a close relationship with God as our Heavenly Father, a concept quite profound during the time up to today.

Transition: Let’s look at the scripture and apply it to our life in prayer today.


(Now let us apply the Lord’s prayer to our daily lives {Break down each component of the prayer and let students discuss how it applies to their lives and challenges).

“Now let us look at each part of the Lord’s prayer and explore how it applies to our everyday lives. For example, “Your Kingdom comes,” and “You will be done on earth as it is in heaven,” (These phrases call us to align our lives with God’s purposes.”

“Let us take a moment to share our insights on the parts and give specific scenarios or examples where they have applied to your own lives.” “Please share your thoughts. “How does ‘Give us this day our daily bread’ play out in your lives today?” How do you relate to this text?”

Transition: “Now, let us move on and explore how we actively integrate these principles into our daily lives.


(Provide practical exercises or prompts for learners to incorporate the Lord’s prayer elements into their prayer time).

“Now let us look at these prompts for your prayer time. Take some time to pray using the principles we have discussed today. Journal your experiences and reflections.” (Students can be in small group discussions or individual reflections).

“Now I would like to hear from you. “Share how incorporating the elements of the Lord’s prayer impact your personal prayer time. What new things did you learn?

Transition: “As we conclude, let us reflect on the significance of incorporating the Lord’s prayer into our prayer life.”


(Summarize the key takeaways from the lesson.)

“In conclusion, remember the Lord’s prayer is a model and not just a recitation. It models how we can approach God in our prayers. Let us continue to draw near to Him in this way.”


The Holy Bible: New International Version (1982). Matt: 6:9-15.

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