Begin with your overall reaction to this study and then discuss some

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1.  Discuss your views on the importance or lack of importance regarding the predictor variables of age, gender, finance, reimbursement, and location in the context of this study.

2. Compare the results found in China as reported by this article to results that might be expected had the study taken place in the United States. 

3. Discuss your views on the findings of the 62.75% accept/37.25% not accept ratio.

4. Discuss your views on the significance of some of the following predictor variables: age, own personality, income, family economy, self-care, disease class, understanding of R & C, attitude, family attitude, understanding of lung cancer. 

5. Discuss your views on the non-significance of gender, cultural level, and accept payment ratio.

6. Discuss any points of view you have not mentioned above regarding the results of this study or its design. 

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