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 The topic is : Atlanta Government and disbursement of funds

Every beat story submitted should include the following: 

  • New and updated information from the interest area. Do not write about something that happened a year ago- that’s no longer news. You are expected to write NEWS from that interest area- things that are currently happening, that affect the people who are part of that area, that others may/may not already have reported thoroughly. 
  • A properly written headline and byline
  • At least three sources with varying degrees of authority and perspective (experts, authoritative figures and general population) and a variety of points-of-view (old, young, black, white, women, men, etc.) 
  • Citation of at least one secondary source (such as an archived article or a study)
  • A photograph or video to accompany the story. The photo/video should be shot by the story author and should have a properly-written cutline. It should show understanding of photojournalism and should be related to the story.

Due Monday 4/10/23 by 12 noon

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