Battalion s1 leadership philosophy memorandum | Memorandum

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 I am attaching the memo to use as well as the pdfs ar 25-50 page 13 please follow its a leadership philosophy memorandum as a battalion s1.

 Army Regulation 25–50 

Purpose:  The purpose of this assignment is to provide students with the opportunity to develop their leadership philosophy prior to arriving at their first position in the Army. 

2.  Requirements:

     a.  Students must write an memorandum addressing what they believe are the most important ideals and values that must be upheld within their unit/section.

     b. Students will write the memorandum as if they are the Battalion S1 in their current/future unit.  

     c.  The memorandum must be no less than one full page but no more than two pages in length.

Reference: AR 25-50; DA Letterhead Instructions

     DA Letterhead

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