Barbados travel guide: where we ate

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La Cabane

After dancing yourself silly at the many Crop Over Festival events, stop by La Cabane for a relaxing evening of dinner and drinks. This restaurant on the water is the stuff of dreams. It is right next to the sea, and we mean right next to the sea.

La Cabane is a must-see on your trip to Barbados. It has a great menu of fresh, local dishes, drinks you won’t want to put down, and live music. What’s the best part? After you’ve eaten enough, you can go for a swim in the clear water and then take a nap in the hammock. Heaven!

Pat’s Place

If you like seafood, this one is for you. Use mapquest directions and go to the small seaside town of Oistins for a seafood feast you’ll be thinking about long after you get back home. Pat’s Place has been voted one of the best places to eat on the whole island. The freshly caught fish is seasoned and grilled to perfection.

Just thinking about it makes us drool…


Copacabana is a must-see on your Barbados vacation. During the day, it is a beach bar and grill, and at night, it is a party spot. Spend the afternoon sipping cocktails on a beach bed while listening to the waves, or put on your fanciest outfit and dance the night away on the sand.

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