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                   BA725: Strategic Management & Leadership in Athletic Administration

Strategic Planning Project: BA 725 Strategic Plan Paper FA21.docx 

Assignment Overview

Each student will develop a three-year strategic plan for the case study presented.  Each plan will consist of the following parts:

  1. organizational vision/mission;
  2. analysis of the environment;
  3. SWOT analysis;
  4. strategic values;
  5. organizational strategic goals and objectives;
  6. brand strategies;
  7. implementation and control strategies;
  8. communication strategies;
  9. and supporting documentation.

Strategic planning is a “systematic process of envisioning a desired future, and translating this vision into broadly defined goals or objectives and a sequence of steps to achieve them. In contrast to long-term planning (which begins with the current status and lays down a path to meet estimated future needs), strategic planning begins with the desired-end and works backward to the current status.” 



Grading Rubric: Scroll down the page to see. 

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