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Find a news article or media issue (within the past 2 years) that reports either an admirable or poor example of behavior exhibited by a professional athlete. This behavior can be either within their sport or within their personal life. It is recommended that you utilize the following library guides (link) as a place to start.

Once you have found your article, you will read it and answer the following questions regarding the report:

  1. Provide the full citation (including any website link) for the article you have chosen.
  2. What is the behavior you have chosen to focus on in the article? Is the behavior good or bad? Explain.
  3. What was your reaction to the behavior? How do you feel about it? Is it morally acceptable to you?
  4. What effect do you think this behavior has on the attitudes and beliefs of adults? What about children?
  5. If you were the coach of the athlete in the story, how do you think you would react to the athlete’s behavior?

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