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Module 5 Assignment(Teaching and Training in Healthcare)

Assignment: In the LESSON PLAN  or SPECIFICATIONS  format (

see getting starting section
) define the approach to training and define what each activity will be and what the outcome of each section will be. 

You will need to identify classroom setup (or virtual classroom), materials, computer or technical setup needed. There are different lesson plan formats, you can pick one of these or choose another template. If lecture, then write a brief script (important topics to cover). 

Part A: LESSON PLAN or SPECIFICATION for teaching this to your target audience. 

Part B: What will you need to do to demo the training to one or more of your class peers and your course instructor? The option include:

· Zoom session: Be prepared with topics to teach that last between 3 and 10 minutes. Please identify 3 times you are available to do a Zoom session between August 14 and August 17 by August 10

· Video: Create a video lecture using your phone and either submit in Canvas or email to me by August 15. From the topics on your lesson plan, identify the topic you will teach.

· PowerPoint Slide – Create a slide deck of your presentation for review. The topic on the PowerPoint needs to be from the lesson plan you submitted on July 30 and needs to be a minimum of 5 slides. Submit by August 15.

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