Assignment #5 coding qualitative data assignment instructions | cjus750 | Liberty University

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DUE: by 10am Tuesday September 27,2022 NO LATE WORK!!!!

This paper is to be written in APA format, 3-5 page paper, double-space, time new roman, 12 font

Bible perspectives, abstract, keywords, 3-5 pages body, conclusion, and references

Please read all instructions of how to construct the paper and grading rubric.

Include reading attached and 3-4 references

For your coding assignment due this week, you have a couple of options for approaching this- –

– First, take a look at your proposed interview questions from week 3 assignment. I realize not everyone has access to their intended sample from your interview questions (week 3 assignment), but if you do, pilot them on about 5 people, and if you do not, you can still pilot these questions on others and ask them to “play the role” of your intended population and jot down their responses. Then, look for common responses and see if you can find recurring themes, words, patterns of responses. Discuss this process in your paper, this would be your “analytical findings” according to the instructions.

– The second option would be to come up the responses you would likely get, or think you would get (almost as if you were putting together a multiple choice test for each of your interview questions, what are the various answers you might get for each?). Then, discuss this process and how you came up with it as your “analytical findings”.Reference

Governor Sarah Palin Endorses Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate. (2012, May 10). Targeted News Service

King James Bible. (1970). The Holy Bible. Camden, New Jersey. Thomas Nelson, Inc.

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