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Provide five references for the research paper. This will provide the credibility of your paper. You will provide a complete reference list with your final paper. The five references should be original research articles that you will review in your methods, results, and discussion section of your paper. Additional articles should be used in your introduction and background section. You may use review articles and meta-analysis in your introduction or background section but not as one of your five main reviewed articles.

Required: Title of research reference (Article), abstract, authors, journal, and link (DOI) to the article.


Title: Priming effects of television food advertising on eating behavior

Abstract: Health advocates have focused on the prevalence of advertising for calorie-dense low-nutrient foods as a significant contributor to the obesity epidemic. This research tests the hypothesis that exposure to food advertising during television viewing may also contribute to obesity by triggering automatic snacking of available food.

Authors: Harris, J. L., Bargh, J. A., & Brownell, K. D. (2009)

Journal: Health Psychology, 28(4), 404–413

Link to article (DOI): to an external site.

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