Assignment 2 instruction is there, samples are there, the template

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assignment 2 instruction is there, samples are there, the template that you will use is there; and relevant lectures 3 and 4.

you have to follow the instruction and see the lecutres , i.e. the slide where it discusses with tables on trainig plan etc. those are samples and you can decide which method is good one and you can adopt one but your assignment should be unique in writing

its uploaded and is in order; starting from instruction for assignment2, then TMCE template that you will use for this assignment; the samples that have done similiar activity; the assignment 1 which has data for the training location, org, trainees # number; and finally lectures, on the lecture look at the table slides where it explain on the design plan and how its developed, etc.

Remember all six steps are relevant and one builds upon other. So, assignment 2 will utilize the assignment 1 data, read through the instructions carefully and the lectures have all the information you need to complete the second assignment. The template is there to fill in and the samples can be used as an example

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