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Attached are the powerpoints created from the book to answer qustions as well as a start to a rough draft for the answers. 

READING ASSIGNMENT #1–(Chapters 1, 2 & 3) –  READING ASSIGNMENT #1–(Chapters 1, 2 & 3) – Concepts of Terrorism and Historical Chapter 1 • The Shifting Definition of Terrorism; Chapter 2 • Practical Criminology, Radicalization, and Types of Terrorism; Chapter 3 • Terrorist Financing and Money Laundering

Assignment Type: Canvas

Due Date: July 5,  2022 (Open until the July 10)

Possible Points: 100

Duration: 4-6 Hours

Deliverable Length: 5-6 pages.  TEXTBOOK REFERENCES REQUIRED

Answer the following questions listed below:

1.  Explain the reason terrorism is difficult to define.

2.  Explain the importance of defining terrorism.

3.   List the differences between terrorists and ordinary criminals.

4.   Identify three different types of terrorism.

5.   Define lone wolf terrorism.

6.  Compare terrorist financing and money laundering.

7.  Describe the Hawala system. 

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