Ashford BUS 308 Week 2 Quiz with 100% Correct Answers

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1. Question : In the application of Bayes’ Theorem the sample information is combined with prior probabilities to obtain posterior probabilities.

Student Answer: True


2. Question : The actual weight of hamburger patties is an example of a continuous random variable.

Student Answer: True


3. Question : A student’s grade on an examination was transformed to a z value which is negative. Therefore, we know that he scored

Student Answer: higher than 16% of the class.

higher than 45% of the class.

above the first quartile.

below the mean.

above the mean but below the median.

4. Question : The expected value of a discrete random variable is:

Student Answer: ?x p(x)

n ?p ?q

?(x – µx)2 p(x)

5. Question : The following formula: P(A U B) = P(A) + P(B) – P(A ? B) represents

Student Answer: the conditional probability.

the addition rule.


the multiplication rule.

None of the above.

6. Question : A standard normal distribution has a mean of ____and standard deviation of ____

Student Answer: zero, zero.

zero, one.

one, one.

one, zero.

7. Question : A(n) __________ is a measure of the chance that an uncertain event will occur.

Student Answer: experiment

sample space




8. Question : The MPG (mileage per gallon) for a mid-size car is normally distributed with a mean of 32 and a standard deviation of .8. What is the probability that the MPG for a selected mid-size car would be less than 33.2?

Student Answer: 43.32%





9. Question : For a Poisson random variable the mean and the variance equal the average number of occurrences over the time interval (µx = ó2x = µ)

Student Answer: True


10. Question : In a statistical study, the random variable X = 1, if the house is colonial, and X = 0 if the house is not colonial, then it can be stated that the random variable is continuous.

Student Answer: True


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