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Article Review Discussion

Discussion Question: Choose an article from a magazine or journal that contains statistical information, and answer the following questions.

A. What is the title, source (site where the article is from), and purpose of the article?

B. Identify the research question(s) or hypotheses within the article. 

C. Identify the independent and dependent variable(s) from the research questions/hypothesis.

D. What are your reflections of the article and findings? List the concerns or questions that you have regarding the article. Is the information “believable”? Why or why not? 


Upload your article as an attachment and post your answers in the textbox provided under the discussion board. Make sure to respond to two others’ posts by reading their post and commenting on their concerns/questions or reflections they have about the selected article of choice. 
Post your initial post to the discussion question by Wednesday, August 30, 2023, and respond to two others’ posts by Sunday, September 3, 2023, before 11:00 pm.

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