APUS BusN310 forum 2

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Choose a company of your choice from the Fortune 500 Best List (see resources) and complete the following:

1. Identify the company (for instance, US Airways).

2. Identify the industry your chosen company operates in (for instance, US Airways operates in the Airline Industry).

3. Identify the domestic environment (home country) of your chosen company (for instance, the domestic environment for US Airways is the USA).

4. Identify the business theorist you used in Forum 2.

5. Perform research (minimum of 2 scholarly sources (see resources) in APA format).

6. Investigate the government regulations associated with the industry (for instance, government regulations for the Airline industry).

7. How will the domestic government regulations affect your chosen company in its domestic environment?

8. How would your business theorist help your company in its domestic environment? You must provide some critical thought (see resources).

9. NOTE: Items 1-4 should not exceed 1 paragraph (100 words in a paragraph).

10. Minimum 4 complete paragraphs; a paragraph is a minimum of 100 words.

11. Reply to 2 other of your classmates’ original posting.

12. Refer to the syllabus about the minimum requirements for forums.

LO – 2 – Given a company, the student will determine how government regulations affect the company and how to overcome barriers within the Domestic Environment using business theory.

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