APUS Bus310 forum 1

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Forum 1

Choose one of the types of environments discussed in the Lesson for Week 1 and complete the following:

1. Perform research (minimum of 2 scholarly sources in APA format; see resources).

2. Briefly summarize your chosen environment’s past, present, and future.

a. What was that environment like in the past (more than 20 years ago)? Was it affected by the other environments?

b. Next, describe what it’s like in today’s business world.

c. Lastly, what does the future hold for your environment?

d. At least one business theorist must be integrated into the information.

3. This is specific to the environment; don’t discuss companies and industries, yet.

4. Minimum 5 complete paragraphs; a paragraph is a minimum of 100 words.

5. Reply to 2 other of your classmates’ original posting.

6. Refer to the syllabus about the minimum requirements for forums.

LO – 1 – Identifying one of the business environments used in this course, the student will be able to discuss that environment’s past, present, and future with the use one business theorist.

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