apu SPHS508 week 6 forum both

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week 6 forums

This forum requires a bit of historical research on your part. In order to understand the “current issues” of any topic, it is necessary to understand the past. In the world of strength training, there are many philosophies about which practices provide the best results and why. Your job is to examine some of these philosophies and describe how they are put into practice in contemporary settings. What are the underlying theories as to why it is the best approach? What components of the historical progression of strength training practice have shaped the formulation of this theory? What does the current body of literature say about the efficacy of this theory? Summarize at least 2 studies/citations related to the approach you are discussing.

Please examine current research in the field of exercise physiology and identify one of the current areas/trends in this area of research. Summarize several studies that demonstrate how this topic is being researched. How has the current research in this area been shaped by the findings of the recent past. And most importantly, so what? All research is only as good as the useable information we can derive from interpreting its results. In the end, the most important question is: Why are researchers devoting time to this area of study – what do they hope it will reveal or tell them about the some pertinent practical concept?

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