apu SPHS508 week 5 forum both

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week 5 forums
Much of our understanding of human performance is based on our understanding of the underlying biomechanics of human motion. This week, go find out what biomechanists are talking about as pertinent contemporary issues for discussion. These may be debates about actual theoretical approaches or about the best ways to take what we know and apply it to areas like sports performance, injury prevention, etc. Discuss what you find with appropriate summaries of at least 2 citations/studies related to the biomechanical topic you are examining. As always, be sure to frame the information you are discussing within the context of your specific area of professional practice.

Spend some time thinking about a motor task (the more complex, the better) that you have mastered by this point in your life. Examine the process by which you attained this skill and discuss it in terms of the motor learning processes you have studied in your coursework in this area. Describe how our understanding and fostering of your acquisition of this motor skill has changed over time – for example, would experts in the field of motor learning prescribe the same manner of skill acquisition today as they would at the time you learned the task? Based on our most contemporary understandings of motor learning, how would experts today describe the underlying theory of how this skill would be mastered and how might they foster the development of the skill in varying individuals (such as child, disabled person, or adult) based on that understanding?

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