apu SPHS508 week 3 forum both

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week 3 forums

Any discussion of current issues related to nutrition have to include an examination of dietary prescriptions, specifically those we would refer to as “Fad Diets”. Please do some research about a fad diet that is or has been popular in recent years. Describe the implementation of the dietary plan, the underlying theoretical foundations for its supposed success (physiological, biochemical, lifestyle, etc.) and fully summarize at least 2 citations/studies examining the actual affects and/or successes of the diet. Finally, how would you characterize what the professional’s role should be in promoting or prescribing this or any such dietary plans or “Fad Diets.”

The worlds of sports, training, medicine and human performance are inundated by issues related to nutritional supplements and performance enhancers. Like diets, supplements and ergogenic aids become popular for a time and then are replaced by another only to emerge again in the future.Please research a nutritional supplement or ergogenic aid that has been a “hot topic” in your field and discuss this substance. Examples of what to consider including might be things like its physiologic effect, its positive and negative effects, any controversial issues related to the substance, the opinions of leading professionals in your field, how the use has changed, etc. Please fully summarize at least 2 citations/studies examining the effects of the substance

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