apu SPHS508 week 2 forums both

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week 2 forum 1 and 2

An important source of professional growth and development is mentoring from other professionals in your field. For this forum, you need to identify an individual in your professional field of interest and have a short conversation with him/her. Your goal is to find out from him/her what he/she thinks are the important “current issues” (or “hot topics”) in that field and why. How does his/her understanding of these issues affect his/her practice of the profession on a daily basis?

Many of you will find this to be the most difficult forum of the course but understanding the issues related to the use of statistics in your field is an important part of becoming a skilled professional. For this forum, examine several studies from peer-review journals in your field in the last 2 years. Compare the statistical procedures used in these studies to those used in several studies from 5 years ago or more. Have the typical statistical procedures utilized to examine research data in your professional field changed over time? If so, why? If not, what is the nature of the research in your professional field that still makes the procedures that are typically utilized the most valuable.As a hint: In answering that second part (why have or haven’t the common procedures utilized changed over time?), it can be valuable to do some general Google-type searching as to what experts in your field might say on websites, commentaries or discussion boards. If you haven’t realized it yet, for any professional field, there is a discussion board on the internet of experts in the field discussing the pertinent issues. The websites I have listed on the syllabus represent a few such sources. You may want to join such a discussion board and begin interacting with professionals in your field.

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