Apple Inc Social Strategy Essay

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In the case “Apple Inc. in 2010”, we can see that between 1980 and 1996, the company struggled with different management style and strategies. During those 16 years, Apple was a computer-based company that was not trying to differentiate itself from its competitor. That is why, in 1996, when Steve Jobs returned to Apple, he started to focus on the social aspect of Apple but also on how to innovate and create new products in order to differentiate the company.

First of all, when Steve job came back, the company name went from Apple computer to Apple Inc. Jobs goal was to change Apple’s image by creating a culture around the company. In order to create its culture around the brand, he developed an ecosystem of products that could be connected together. Furthermore, Apple not only developed products, they developed software and platform such as ITunes or Icloud that would help customers to use their products easily. Moreover, by creating this ecosystem, Apple was able to attract and retain customers because with their Icloud platform for example, “Apple users” were able to synchronize, store and share data from all their Apple devices in one place which made life easier for customers.

Secondly, its product became the must have if customer wanted to be part of “the Apple Family” or “community”. Apple products were not anymore electronic products (iPod, iPad, IPhone) or computer; Apple products were seen as a social status since Apple product prices were higher than the competition.

Thirdly, Customers are buying Apple products in order to have high quality products that are sold in huge bright store that gives customers a unique shopping experience. In addition, customers can now bring their product in store to have them fixed but they can also come in store to receive lessons on how to efficiently use their Apple products. By offering that type of services, Apple is able to develop customer’s loyalty that will make them feel like they are part of the “Apple community”.

Finally, the culture force that Steve Jobs created is now Apple’s best social strategy in order to attract customers. Apple should focus on this culture force and try to improve its existing products to make them even more connected by creating new apps that are like “iMessage” or “Facetime”. Apple could also develop new products that could be integrated inside the product ecosystem that is already in place to increase its connected product line.

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