Apple Computers, Inc., has firmly established itself

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In a 750- to 1,000-word response, post your answers to one of the following questions to the Discussion Board:

Apple Computers, Inc., has firmly established itself as one of the most innovative companies of this century. Its ‘i’ product / service (i.e. iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes) series has become iconic. Imagine that you have been given a sufficient level of funding to set up and lead a company to compete against Apple. In this idealised scenario, what would you do innovatively to rival Apple’s approach? What are the potential gaps in Apple’s product and service strategy, business model organisational set up and so forth? What opportunities are there for disruption innovation? How will you distinguish your offerings? What strategic positioning would you adopt?

Additional Requirements

Other Requirements: I need a specific answer for the above questions, with similarity less than 10 % ..


Shehabuddeen, N. (2007) Innovation in real life: a hands-on guide to genuine innovation. Liverpool: Open Innovation.


Andrew, J.P., Haanaes, K., Michael, D.C., Sirkin, H.L., & Taylor A. (2009) Measuring innovation 2009: the need for action [Online].Boston, Masachusetts: The Boston Consulting Group. Available from: (Accessed: 29 August 2011).

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