Apple’s-Across the last three weeks, Tim Cook has read the weekly, in-depth reports you have supplied

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Use Week One, Two and Three to write the following:

Please prepare an executive summaryto senior management summarizing your findings on the organization as a system, its vision and mission, as well as the external, internal, and stakeholder environments.

Keeping our systems view in mind, be sure to identify and address the connections between each of these componentareas as well. Use the following scenario as the foundation for your Executive Summary.

Across the last three weeks, Tim Cook has read the weekly, in-depth reports you have supplied. He has been working to integrate the informative but segregated analyses of key elements that affect Apple’s current strategic position – and their future as well.

Cook has also shared these reports with John Ivey, chief designer, who has not only played a significant role in some of Apple’s prior product successes but as a result worked closely with Steve Jobs when he was alive. Both men know that Apple is at a critical crossroads and the decisions they make next will help shape the company’s future – for better or worse – as they go forward. Both also know that they really are too close to the situation to truly assess this information objectively – and they have asked you to look across all of the details you have provided them thus far and given them your insightful review.

Specifically, Tim has asked you to prepare one document that he can use as he works to design Apple’s strategy moving forward in this more competitive landscape – and without Steve Jobs. Tim knows that, personally, he is not – nor will he ever be – Jobs. But, he also knows that his ability to take Jobs place hinges on his ability to find (make) some specific answers to the questions – Who is Apple now/today? Who are they Not? and Where are they going? He knows additionally that he can’t begin to take any specific – and strategically directed – action until he does have the answers to these questions … but, since Steve used to answer all of these questions on his own (and mostly in his head), Tim now feels a little out of his depth.

In this document, Tim would like you to provide the following:
YOUR assessment of Apple’s current situation
The brief identification and discussion of the historical elements that have led to this current situation
The brief identification and discussion of the key system variables impacting their current situation
The critical PESTIL elements and the key stakeholders
Identify who/what these elements are and why they are important
Discuss the potential for these elements to change over time and the projected impact of these elements when/if they do change
YOUR answer to the questions:
Who Apple IS now?
Who they are NOT?
Where they should be going – broadly?
Based on your answers to the questions above:
Propose a new vision and mission for the company
Identify 3 – 5 very high level strategic activities Apple should consider to achieve the vision and mission

As an operations man, Tim is far less concerned about what the document looks like than he is about what is IN the document. He has told you, the format is at your discretion … however as a very busy executive, he has asked that this be succinct but comprehensive.

Cook has also specifically asked for this to be YOUR assessment of the situation – not a restatement of the items that have been published anywhere else on the company. He already knows what is in the SEC filings and many of the articles published on the company. You know he already has all of your detailed reports, so there is no need to restate any of the information you have already given him. What you are now tasked to do is look across all of these details, integrate and synthesize that information, and provide Tim Cook with your assessment.

As you do that, keep these points in mind …
Use the ‘weekly reports’ you have put together as the source your executive summary – but do not repeat, copy, recycle the entire content of those individual writings into the summary
Use – but don’t ‘quote dump’ – the assigned weekly reading material’
Use the insight you have gained talking with your ‘consulting colleagues’ across the weeks that you have been working as a team to assess Apple’s situation
Based on the amount of external research you have done thus far, you may need to perform more in order to have – and use – the breadth of facts available to you to make this assessment both comprehensive and accurate

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