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On the tab labeled “Original Problem”, I have provided the modeling of Case 3.4 on Pages136-138. Carefully read the case in the textbook and then review the model and solver set up to familiarize yourself with the integration of the LP into Excel. On the tab labeled “Case Update”, you will see there are 5 changes that must be made in the model. Using the model I have provided on the “Case Update” tab, make the required changes and re-load the solver (on the “Case Update” tab) to determine the new advertising strategy. The model should be solved only one time: after you have incorporated all 5 changes noted on the “Case Update” tab. In addition to updating the model and solver, you should provide a sentence or two to state how you addressed each change within the model. Each question is worth 16 points: 8 points for a clear, concise, grammatically correct description of the mechanical changes made to the model and 8 points for the correct solution resulting from the changes made. Questions should be answered on the “Case Update” tab and typed in unboldedblack fontright after the statement of the question. Please remember that case studies are individual effort, however, if you have questions you are urged to post a note on the course site within the discussion forum. Good luck and as always…HAVE FUN!



Advertising MediumUnitsMinMaxPer UnitTotalPer UnitTotal
Half-page, Daily paper46.02448552,530$800$36,800
Full-page, Daily paper2.024875150$1,400$2,800
Half-page, Sunday paper6.00865390$1,200$7,200
Full-page, Sunday paper2.02880160$1,800$3,600
Daytime TV spot29.62884852,513$2,500$73,900
Evening TV spot28.028561002,800$3,500$98,000
Highway Billboards10.031035350$750$7,500
15 second Radio spot140.056140456,300$150$21,000
30 second Radio spot140.056140557,700$300$42,000
Half-page, magazine9.001250450$500$4,500
Full-page, magazine3.031260180$900$2,700
Key Totals:UnitsMinMaxTotal:23,523Total:$300,000
Daily paper ads48.02448Budget:$300,000
Sunday paper ads8.028
Magazine ads12.0312




Advertising MediumUnitsMinMaxPer UnitTotalPer UnitTotal
Half-page, Daily paper02448550$800$0
Full-page, Daily paper0248750$1,400$0
Half-page, Sunday paper008650$1,200$0
Full-page, Sunday paper028800$1,800$0
Daytime TV spot02884850$2,500$0
Evening TV spot028561000$3,500$0
Highway Billboards0310350$750$0
15 second Radio spot056140450$150$0
30 second Radio spot056140550$300$0
Half-page, magazine0012500$500$0
Full-page, magazine0312600$900$0
Key Totals:0MinMaxTotal:0Total:$0
Daily paper ads02448Budget:$300,000
Sunday paper ads028
Magazine ads0312

1. (16 Points) Tom now wants to run full-page ads in both major newspapers for at least two weeks leading up to the vote. NOTE: this changes the minimum value in two cells in Column C.

2. (16 Points) Tom is scaling back his daytime television advertising strategy which will now consist of running at least one but no more than three spots per week for the four weeks leading up to the vote.

3. (16 Points) Tom wants to derive at least 20% of his total advertising impact from evening television advertisements.

4. (16 Points) Tom has decided he is willing to run a maximum of 7, 15-second radio spots per day for the 28 days leading up to the vote and a maximum of 6, 30-second spots per day over the same period of time. However, he wants to ensure the total impact derived from radio does not exceed 65% of the total impact.

5. (16 Points) With his increase in radio spots, Tom plans to use the majority of these new spots in the Orlando, Tampa, and Miami markets thus he feels the billboards in these cities are no longer required for advertisement. However, because Tom feels there is value in billboard advertising, he wants to derive at least 1% of his total impact from billboards.

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