Answer the following questions with a short explanation about FERPA-A student calls and wants the phone number

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Answer the following questions with a short explanation about FERPA:

1. A student calls and wants the phone number and address of a fellow student. They communicateby e-mail frequently, and this person hasn’t heard from his friend recently. Can you give out thephone number and address?

2. A student’s spouse calls and wants to know about how much is owed on the spouse’s student
account. Do you tell the spouse?

3. A faculty member needs to call a student and indicates that she is not by the computer to look up
the student’s information. Do you give the faculty member the phone number?

4. A spouse needs to request a transcript be sent for employment/insurance/loan verification. The
student is not able to call when UoP is open as he cannot make calls from his place of employment.Do you send the transcript?

5. A good friend calls and wants to know if Jane Nice has been accepted at UoP so she can plan a big
party. Do you tell her?

6. A parent of a student calls to speak with the student’s academic advisor to discuss how the student
is doing in the program, and how much longer it will be before the student graduates. The parent ispaying for the tuition. How much information can you provide?

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