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Your task is to answer the following questions, and to write 1-2 good paragraphs on EACH question. You only need to cite if you take a direct quote from the readings. If so, please list the author and the page number. NO OUTSIDE SOURCES.. PLEASE CITE FROM THE BOOK 

1. Briefly explain Shaw and McKay’s theory of juvenile delinquency. Based on your description, why might a young person in a city be involved in car theft? (Chapter 3)

2. Explain TWO of Hirschi’s four social bonds (attachment, commitment, involvement, beliefs), and describe how they limit criminality. (Chapter 6)

3. What is gendered crime? Give an example of both “masculine” and “feminine” crimes? (Chapter 10)

4. Compare and contrast Sutherland’s differential association theory and Hirschi’s social bond theory. Are they similar? Different? Do they overlap? (Chapter 3 & 6)

5. Do labeling theorists believe that any act (including murder) is inherently criminal? Explain why or why not. (Chapter 7)

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